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Successful workplaces are those where there are greater levels of employee involvement, creating opportunities where individuals can participate in the success and future of their organisations.

Personal accountability for performance is becoming a key feature of the workplace. This ensures that the link between an individual's personal contribution and the work environment is recognised and rewarded.

Diplomacy Management Consulting Pty Ltd (DMC) is a consultant entity, specialising in Industrial Relations and Human Resources, offering Employee Relations services to government organisations and businesses of all sizes. Ray Mouwad is the principal, and is an advocate, who has the expertise and ability required, to deliver the services of a professional paralegal organisation.

DMC will represent the employer in any aspect of Industrial Relations that embraces the day to day running of their department or business.

Trading successfully since 1997, and building on Ray Mouwad's 15 years of experience within NSW State Government Departments (including the Premier's Department), DMC prides itself on being a privately owned company, based in NSW, Australia .
It offers an efficient and personalised service to clients.

The strong continued growth and development, reflects DMC ability to deliver a user-friendly service that meets client expectations, utilising expertise gained from consulting to a wide range of industries.

With this wealth of practical experience DMC has developed a name that can be trusted to support your Employee Relations requirements, whether based in government or private sectors.
Utilising a "one-on-one" technique, DMC provides a highly personalised business coaching service, helping management at all levels, right up to CEO.

Ray Mouwad is an Accredited Commercial Mediator who can assist in the resolution of disputes of all kind (company/company, employer/employee, employee/employee).

DMC is an exemplary provider of quality services, designed to assist your organisation in a globally-challenged climate of rapid and difficult change.
It can really provide your organisation with the resources that will impact on your gains in productivity, performance, and competition for all involved.

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