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Ray Mouwad commenced his business career in 1983, joining the NSW State Government in their Public Works Department.
To gain further experience, Ray worked his way through a range of departments, up to the year 1997.
During this time he picked up an inaugural award (1994) which was presented by the then Minister for Industrial Relations, for the most innovative enterprise agreement in the NSW Public Service.

Over the years 1991 to 1996 Ray studied hard to gain a Bachelor of Commerce Degree, majoring in Employee Relations.

IN 1997 he ventured into the realms of private enterprise, by forming a company (Diplomacy Management Consulting Pty Ltd) to provide human resources and industrial relations consultancies. The company was originally based at Abbotsford Point (Sydney), but quickly expanded to new and larger premises at Drummoyne, where it is currently based. Ray Mouwad, of course, is the CEO of this company.

Clients include a range of government agencies from Regulatory Bodies, Sport Providers, Emergency Services, Administrative Departments and Advisory Councils.
Private enterprise clients include Hospitality, Entertainment, Travel, Transport, Private Sporting Organisations, Security, Waste Management....and the list keeps on growing.

As well as these large organisations, a few small businesses are catered for, which means that a whole spectrum of clients types are being nurtured, with a very personalised "one-on-one" service...the touchstone of the DMC presentation.

Ray is a member of the Institute of Management Consultants, and the Australian Institute of Management, and abides strictly by their Codes of Conduct.


1. The Inaugural Award for the most Innovative Enterprise Agreement for the NSW Dept of Housing (1994)

2. To date, a 100 percent success rate of acceptance of Award Enterprise Bargaining through the Industrial Relations Court.

3. Keynote speaker at "IR Best Practice Conference" staged by the NSW Dept of Industrial Relations.

4. Nominated as an assessor for the Australian Human Resources Institute, sitting on the panel creating awards for excellence in people management, by private sector companies.

5. Chairman of the Occupational Health and Safety and Combined Industrial Relations Special Interest Groups for the Human Resource Institute.

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