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After an initial contact (which is usually after the client approaches DMC), an interview is arranged for a full assessment of client needs.
Where possible, a holistic approach is taken, even if the service required is isolated or small in scale. This is to ensure that whatever is recommended, dovetails neatly with the rest of the organisation.
Many consultancies fail on this point, for if integration is not achieved, then disharmony and an unhappy workplace results.

The initial meeting is at a place nominated by the client (usually the client's office).
A brief inspection of the physical organisation may also take place, if appropriate.
At the completion of the interview, provided a positive response is obtained from the client, a fully costed proposal is prepared.
There is no obligation or cost involvement to this point.

In the proposal, DMC endeavours to be proactive by selling a range of concepts and ideas to the client which are all relevant to the client's specified needs.
Estimates of time, and various milestones are also established in this document, to ensure consultant and client remain focused.

When the written proposal is delivered, a verbal explanation is given.
At the completion of this exercise, the client is asked to accept, vary or amend the proposal, which is then adjusted.

The assignment then commences following the proposal outline.

Implementation involves a number of strategies that may include the setting up of focus groups, and arranging a series of "one-on-one" interviews across a range of personnel, a process that includes both internal and external stakeholders.

At specified key points (milestones) meetings are structured to evaluate progress to date and obtain authorisation to proceed to the next step. Changes or variations will also be considered at this point.

Invoicing by DMC is prepared after each milestone, often on the client's premises, which enables the client to query any aspect while the consultant is present.
Where appropriate and feasible, assignments are completed with the client, and reports provided on the spot.
More complex reports are thoroughly researched and provided within an agreed timeframe. Modern, speedy and secure methods of delivery are utilised, such as our unique document exchange program, which can also act as your filing cabinet as well.

Clients are requested to evaluate the service on a continuing basis, which means that DMC is always in a position to alter its approach to accommodate the client, rather than the other way around.

Please note that DMC consultants carry all appropriate insurances which includes Public Liability, Worker's Compensation and Professional Indemnity.
All policies are maintained at a current level.


1. DMC will not work outside of the agreed scope of the assignment without authorisation.

2. DMC will not accept bonuses or rewards outside of the agreed fee.

3. No work is undertaken that may lead to illegal or unethical practices.

4. Privacy is strictly respected and no information is divulged without client authorisation.

5. DMC will not undertake to work with new clients where there is unresolved work with existing clients.

6. DMC will not undertake work where the potential for conflict of interest may arise.

7. DMC will not publicise its client list for personal gain, or refer to other clients when developing an assignment proposal, or when actually engaged in an assignment.

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