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Communications and the communicating of ideas, are the essence of a good consultant.

DMC is therefore undertaking to bring to you a range of publications, papers, directories, FAQ list etc., to assist you in managing your enterprise, through good employee relations.

The following will appear on a progressive basis:

A list of the most frequently asked questions will be made available for your perusal. If one person found a problem, then you can be sure that others will have found the same problem.
This service will reduce questions (and client costs) and will allow for more productive consultant time to be applied.

A library of informational fact sheets is being prepared, to simplify the complexity of some subjects. It may range from OH&S rules in the workplace to Industrial Relations legislation or whatever topics arise from the general range of consultancies.
This will assist management and staff in understanding complexity, helping them in their daily tasks.
It also helps DMC in introducing concepts to a consultancy assignment.

Ideas are the lifeblood of a consultant, and most of these end up in client reports.
Case studies (observing all the provisions of the Privacy Act-deidentified, and with client's consent) will be published as a reference source for DMC clients.
This will achieve two objectives:
* Clients will gain extra benefit from DMC services for no extra cost.
* DMC will gain extra application hours as a result of idea stimulation.

This represents a "win/win" result for the client and the consultant.
Access to this publication will be password protected, and limited strictly to DMS clients.

We have acquired software to generate electronic publications. The publications can be as small as a newsletter or as large as a full scale novel or reference text.
They are generated as .exe files and can be viewed or downloaded from our site. Files can then be stored on your desktop, in a library folder.
Each publication is self contained and comes with its own browser, making it universal for all computer systems.
This will be a free service, keeping you updated on all breaking news regarding HR and IR activities.
The .exe files can also be used as an e-mail attachment, and circulated to colleagues and friends.

A directory index will be established, and useful links published for client benefit.

DMC will sort through and evaluate suitable websites that contain information to assist managers in their daily activities. Only valid sites with reliable information will be listed.

Watch this space as publications begin to roll out

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